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  • Education International
    The site includes publications, including full text of EI's quarterly magazine, information on campaigns and a range of human rights and educations actions.

  • Education-line
    A searchable collection of full text documents on education policy and research from the British Education Index.

  • Education World
    Resources on all aspects of education. Mostly American in focus.

  • Education Resources Information Centre (ERIC)
    A database of over 1 million records with approximately 1/3 full text.

  • SearchEdu
    Specialty search engine covering "over 20 million" university and education pages on the web.

  • Times Educational Supplement (TES)
    The Internet edition provides access to a limited range of articles from the hard copy edition. Only subscribers have access to other features on this site such as the journal's archive and educational resources.

  • Times Higher Education (THE)
    As with the Times Education Supplement, a selection of articles are available free online, but only subscribers have access to the full web site.

  • UNESCO - Education for the 21st Century
    Includes information on all aspects of education, focusing on the right to education for all.

  • World Data on Education
    Produced by UNESCO's International Bureau of Education, the site provides databases of country profiles and national reports on the development of education.

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This page last updated on 30 October 2014